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Sessions - Tuesdays - Thursdays 

Cost: $250/1hr.

Where: via Zoom

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Spiritual Counseling 1-on-1

The first part of the spiritual journey should probably be called psychological rather than spiritual because it involves peeling away the myths and illusions that have misinformed us. ~Sam Keen

Dear Hearts,


Are you in search of your truth, and the truth of existence? You're not the only one. As Sam Keen's quote states, the first part of the spiritual journey probably involves peeling away the layers and layers of myths, illusions, and other people's truths. On my spiritual journey, I have come to know and continue to know the Divine Mother/God/Goddess through learning to know myself. This is a life long journey. We are continue to evolve and so does the Divine. Who am I? What is the meaning of life? What is death? What is God/Goddess/Divine Spirit? At some point in our lives, we've all asked these questions and others. Everyone including me has her/her own truth. To find your truth, you must look inside of your heart. To know the truth for yourself and to know the Creator requires one to experience life.


In these 1-on-1 spiritual counseling sessions, I will walk with you on your spiritual journey as a guide, way shower, and teacher. Everyone's spiritual path is unique to them. My job as a spiritual counselor is to guide, support, and help you develop your own inner knowing. My philosophy is to encourage and support conscious human development. Because humans have been conditioned by false narratives, we must peel back the layers of illusions, so that we can SEE, the truth of who we are, and develop in conscious ways. If you're ready to BEGIN our journey together, click the button below.

Peace and love,


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