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Commit To Being Who You Are

Once you commit to being who you are, to being your authentic self, and to being who the Divine created you to be, your life will change right before your eyes. You have the ability to create everything that you want in life when you commit to "You." So often we look for answers outside of ourselves. The answers are within. And the answers are available to you for free, if you have the courage to love who you are.

Your attachment to comfort and hiding your head in the sand, is harmful to more than you. It is harmful to the world. Make the decision to heal your mind, body and spirit. Get to know yourself. Learn to master your mind. Spend time being still and quiet. Make a list of things that you are grateful for. Take a walk in nature. Read The Art of Extreme Self Care, by Cheryl Richardson or Discovering Your Soul Signature by Panache Desai. The work that you do on healing your stuff is invaluable. Your soul will thank you and the Universe will open up to you with abundance, love, happiness, health and much more.

Commit to being who you are; it's your only option.

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