• Tyffany Howard

No more Self-Punishment

So I just gave up SELF PUNISHMENT! I had an aha moment. Something manifested in my life that jared me to more awakening. I have been attached to punishing myself for sometime. As an adult, I took over the role of punishing myself from my mother. So if I did something that cause me pain or made an unhealthy decision, I would teach myself a lesson so that I wouldn't make that choice again. Haha! 90% of the time, it has to do with relationships. As most of you know, I love in love. And I keep trying to attract the vibrational match that really wants to have fun the rest of her life with me. I have attracted some pretty awesome girls but none that want to play with me for long periods of time. Haha! So to make myself choose differently, I punish myself rather than just trust and change my vibration. I really crack myself up because I'm the one attracting these beautiful tough lessons in my life. Well, I have been punshing away and my thoughts have created everything that I have feared and worried about in my head. I am really powerful. I've been punishing myself for being happy, wanting to live my dream, not falling in line with everybody else, being different, having the audacity to continue to fall in love when somebody else would have given up already, and on and on. I have made a mess of things, but I can clean up my mess. I have to power to destroy or create. I love to create so that's what I choose. If you are a recovering SELF PUNISHMENT addict, join me today and give it up. It will take some practice, but I'm worth it and so are you. As always, Be Love!

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