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Freedom, You've always had it!

I dated a beautiful girl, KY Youngblom, for almost 2 years. I planed to move to Duluth, MN May 2014, but we broke up before my move. One of my inner challenges with the relationship was that I wanted my freedom, but I also wanted to be with her. So the inner conflict and contradiction of energy did not feel good at all. I didn't commit within so my energy was always split and she was equally split so we vibrated out of each other's lives. Truth is that she was teaching me ...what being a couple really meant. I had to really work on my false belief that relationships din't last and if you are by yourself then no one will get on your nerves. Haha! The truth is that she reflected all the things that I was feeling and needed to heal and it was damn uncomfortable. I thought that it was about my freedom when it was really about me having someone day in and day out reflecting back to me what's going on within me. Today, I listened to Abraham- Hicks nail it in the video that I posted. After KY and I broke up, I realized that the contrast was my greatest teacher. When you get 2 dynamic women together, you have a beautiful array of fireworks and sometimes some explosions. Haha! But it's all serves help each reach her highest good. Our vibrations no longer match, but our hearts will always connect in love. Abraham-Hicks says "You are so free that every thought that you think affects your experience. You cannot be freer than that. No matter what another is asking of you, your freedom can NEVER be taken from you. So many of you are taking action to try to compensate for things that you want that you don't know you health, or like freedom, or like growth. So you are running around resenting others for your feeling that you don't have something that you've always had. And then you are giving the credit to them because they have asked something of you that has made you feel less than free when feeling less than free was your problem all along."

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