Reiki Healing 

Are you feeling stressed, tired, depleted, or energetically blocked? It has been scientifically proven that we, humans, are energetic beings. When the energy that we are made of becomes blocked and has no outlet, it can cause dis-ease in the body, mind, and spirit. There's a disruption, an interference, an experience of discomfort in our well-being. One way to realign the flow of our life force energy is Reiki. Jesus facilitated healing by laying-on-the-hands. Each of us has the ability to heal if we so chose. Tyffany has chosen to be a conduit for healing others by using her gift of laying-on-the-hands. In many states, a Reiki Master has to also be an ordained Reverend to offer this service. Tyffany is both a certified Reiki Master and an ordained Reverend. 


During a Reiki session, Tyffany operates as a vessel for the Divine who works through her to clear any blocked energy in your body. Because we are all spiritual beings interconnected in spirit, mind and body energetically, sessions can be facilitated in person or over a distance. Tyffany has facilitated distance healing to clients in Australia, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Maryland via the telephone. For distance healing, a photo must be emailed or texted to Tyffany one week prior to the session. The photo is used for the purpose of Tyffany connecting to the client's energy. Reiki heals on spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels. 

The sessions are 50 minutes. Everyone keeps their clothes on. There is light touch on some areas of the body with the client's permission. For more details, please contact Tyffany. To purchase a session, please click on one of the photos and you will be directed to the "Shop" page. 


What people are saying...

I am grateful and blessed to have been introduced to Tyffany through my sister Louise. Tyffany is so full of genuine love and compassion. I was so incredibly relaxed after her Reiki healing. One of my sessions I had a horrible upset stomach and within 30 minutes of my healing all toxins were purged out of my body. Incredible! Her tapping session relieved me of my sinus tension headache. I usually have such pressure I have to sit quietly with hot packs to ease the pain. Within minutes of her tapping session, I felt reenergized and was able to get up and walk. I am so thankful for all Tyffany has taught me about tapping and will get her book, "tap that!" to continue her healing on my own. She is so gifted. Thank you, Tyffany. ~Janice Klinger, Whitehall, PA

Thanks to you Tyffany Howard, I am walking properly again.  When I was twelve-years-old, I was at my parent’s wedding anniversary party which was held at our local social club. I was standing behind a couch and when my mother's friend stood up, she accidentally tipped the couch backwards.  The couch fell straight on my two feet breaking at least four toes, two on each side.  It hurt but because it was at my parent’s party, I decided not to say anything.  In fact, I never ended up being treated for it and since then I could not bend my toes.  I learned to live with it but when Tyffany gave me a healing it felt like blood entered my toes again.  It was the strangest feeling, like tingling and sensitivity.  When I stood up from my healing, I could feel my toes touching the ground.  Since I had no feelings in my toes, I previously had bad balance. Now I could do the tree pose and other balancing postures even after the first session.  Tyffany gave me a few healing sessions on my toes and I even managed to bend them slightly which I never could since breaking them.  The thing I loved the most was that I had feeling again and even though it was strange walking at first, I love the fact that my toes have life in them again.  Thank you Tyffany! Your healing was wonderful with immediate results.  ~Sandra Kimler, nutritionist, Goonengerry, Australia