Spiritual Counseling

Zoom Women's Circle

A spiritual counseling cirlce for women. Explore the truth of existence as you discover your own spiritual truth, engage in expressive art, meditation, body-wisdom practices, and other exercises that foster conscious human development. And experience the support of other women.

How this Zoom circle works:

  • 1st - 3rd Tuesday, beginning April 6, 2021 we will meet at Tyffany's location from 5:00PM - 6:30PM 

  • Share how the material in the chapter relates to your life and what was meaningful for you

  • Experience guided meditations

  • Participate in a creative expression activity (art, movement, etc.)

  • Process thoughts and feelings through journal writing

  • Engage in breakout activities with a partner that Tyffany will pair you with

  • Participate in body-wisdom practices and other exercises that foster conscious human development

  • Limited to 20 women 

What is needed?

  • A journal or paper to write on and something to write with

  • Art supplies - sketchbook or drawing paper, colored pens, markers, pencils or crayons

Cost to join?

$55/per session